How Payemoji Works

Engage customers, sell products & services, accept payments, take bookings and so much more through messaging apps like WhatsApp. Simple setup. No IT skills required.

Who is this for?

Payemoji is for any business that is looking to engage customers online more effectively with messaging apps. Payemoji works for trades, personal services, hospitality and retail.


What are the customer benefits?

Grow sales Sell products and services with your very own eCommerce store, take payments all through messaging
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Grow sales
save time
Save time Let our messaging Concierge handle customer queries and answer simple requests
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Never miss a Booking Allow customers to book and pay for call outs using Payemoji Appointments.
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save time
shared inbox
Shared inbox
Improve customer services Our shared inbox allows you to see all engagements with clients and handover from one staff to another
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How does it work?

After you setup your business on, we will provide you with a local mobile number and QR code to promote your business. You then share that number with your customers, online. Then your customers can engage with your business using WhatsApp. You can see all conversations, interject at any time in your own messaging inbox.

how does work

Getting set up is easy


Start Trial

Click on Free Trial and Sign up for our service.


Set up

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to setup your Payemoji store. Our friendly staff can help you setup, if needed


Start Selling

Get a local mobile number and a QR code for your business in 3-5 business days and start engaging customers through everyday messaging apps.

Top features for your business

eCommerce store per business with a simple upload of product & services catalogue

Top features for your business

Shared across multiple employees to engage with customers

Top features for your business

Setup your calendar and allow your customers to Book Services

Top features for your business

Share key information with Customers such as Contacts, Location, Business Hours, Newsletters

and more...

Grow sales

Digital Payment options - Stripe, PayPal, Google & Apple Pay, Banks

Take Bookings

Promotions & Notifications – You can promote business , share specials all via Messaging Apps

Save time

Your own Message Chat Bot will engage your customers 24x7

Improve Customer services

With our shared inbox you can handover conversations from chat bot to agent, and between staff members.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.


Can I change my plan later?

Yes. You can change your plan anytime and it will take effect in next billing cycle.

Can I handover from Message Chat Bot to an Agent / Staff?

Yes at anytime you can takeover a conversation with a customer.

When will my credit card be billed ?

Your credit card will only be billed 30 days after the service starts, and only after you share with us.

How do I change my account email?

You can reach out to Payemoji support ( for change of account email.