Take your business online through messaging

Engage customers, sell products & services, accept payments, take bookings and so much more through messaging apps like WhatsApp. Simple setup. No IT skills required.


Grow your business with Payemoji

Increase sales

Run marketing & promotion campaigns and be able to track the ROI through the Payemoji platform.

Omnichannel messaging

Grow your business with "conversational commerce" by engaging your customers through messaging apps

Digital Payments

Receive payments directly using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit Card and much more. Bring your own payments if you like.

Manage appointments and calendars

Manage your online calendar. Allow your customers to book online appointments with your business.

Run marketing & promotional campaigns


Accept digital payments

Alternate Text

Take bookings and appointments

Answer frequently asked questions


Scan or Tap to try a demo


See how delivery bookings, opening hours and common customer questions are automatically handled with on Whatsapp.

Hair stylists

See how bookings, opening hours and common customer questions are automatically handled with on Whatsapp.


See how bookings, and common customer questions are automatically handled with on Whatsapp.


Conversational commerce

Sell products & services, process payments and promote your business, all through your messaging apps.

Get set up in 30 minutes


Apply Online

Complete our short form and we'll get back to you within two business days.


Set up

Follow our step-by-step guide to add Payemoji to your website, with support from our UK-based integration experts.



You’ll recieve your new number and welcome pack in 2 days

Speak To Sales

Designed for small to mid sized business

Trade services

Food and Beverages

Fashion and Accessories

Professional Services

Arts and Handicrafts

Dental services


All-in-one marketing

Product & services catalog

Build and maintain a powerful catalogue in minutes. Showcase your products with images and descriptions. Easy to update anytime.


Ecommerce storefront

Sell your products and services through messaging in your own store, or bring an existing store if you have one. Customize your store with different themes.


Marketing and promotions made simple

Engage with your customers directly in messaging. Run simple marketing campaigns with QR codes or using your mobile. Track effectiveness.


Orders and Payments

Your customers can order products and services, and pay for them easily through messaging. None of the expensive fees of other eCommerce solutions.


Powerful reporting

Run your business like a pro. See all the new & repeat customers, orders, payments, top selling products and so much more.


Store management

Everything you need to manage your business online, from setting up contacts, store locations, opening hours, appointments, reporting and much more. Allow your staff access to the store, while you are always remain in control.


Chat with your customers

Support your customers in their favorite messaging app. Customer can use their conversational history to repeat orders. Setup customized message templates for your Business.


Grow your business, not your overhead

With Payemoji, you too can follow in the footsteps of some of the best-known global brands that are growing their business but not their overhead.

That’s because as a software-as-as-service (SaaS) solution, Payemoji means you get easy access to all features of a bespoke ground-breaking conversational commerce app, but without the cost and commitment of building your own platform.

Browse our plans below.

For small to mid size business

For larger business and public sector

For small to mid size business

For larger business and public sector

1 Payemoji does not charge any transaction fees. However your payment provider or credit card processor will still charge you fees.

2 Both inbound and outbound messages.

3 Over and above Messages Included. Pricing per message inbound or outbound.

4 Additional Mobile Numbers will be provided on demand. Up to 2 additional Mobile Numbers for Growth Plan and up to 4 additional Mobile Numbers for Scale plan.

* Pricing is exclusive of taxes.

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