Grow your business, not your overhead

With Payemoji, you too can follow in the footsteps of some of the best-known global brands that are growing their business but not their overhead.

That’s because as a software-as-as-service (SaaS) solution, Payemoji means you get easy access to all features of a bespoke ground-breaking conversational commerce app, but without the cost and commitment of building your own platform.

Browse our plans below.

For small to mid size business

For larger business and public sector

For small to mid size business

For larger business and public sector

1 Payemoji does not charge any transaction fees. However your payment provider or credit card processor will still charge you fees.

2 Both inbound and outbound messages.

3 Over and above Messages Included. Pricing per message inbound or outbound.

4 Additional Mobile Numbers will be provided on demand. Up to 2 additional Mobile Numbers for Growth Plan and up to 4 additional Mobile Numbers for Scale plan.

* Pricing is exclusive of taxes.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.


Can I change my plan later?

Yes. You can change your plan anytime and it will take effect in next billing cycle.

Can I handover from Message Chat Bot to an Agent / Staff?

Yes at anytime you can takeover a conversation with a customer.

When will my credit card be billed ?

Your credit card will only be billed 30 days after the service starts, and only after you share with us.

How do I change my account email?

You can reach out to Payemoji support ( for change of account email.